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Mr. Ashok kumar 

Founder Message

I am thankful to God for the opportunity given to me through this public charitable trust to serve the weaker section / marginalized people and swearing to execute my efficiency till my last breath without any cast creed feeling during delivering charitable activities in what so manner.

Always keep in mind, our children do not remember what we teach them but they strongly remember what we are. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Mind is not a vessel to be filled with, but a fire has to be kindled”. The day we succeeded to kindle a fire in our children’s brains, automatically they will get a goal to hit with. Education is a must for children to become good civilians and every citizen must think that country does not have a responsibility to uplift us but it is our responsibility to uplift our country.

Through this public charitable trust, all members are committed to stand united for society and our nation by supporting the government schemes for the poor, marginalized, SC/ST, and weaker sections. We make awareness in rural and urban areas about the government schemes to get benefitted and implement different schemes for poor students like skill development training, educating girl child and save girl child, clean India mission, distribution of food and clothes as relief for the needy people and many more.

No doubt it is a tough task due to short of funds for time being but with a strong ambition that day to day the hands will come together for this holy work either via Donations, CSR, or Government sponsorship.

“No one has ever become poor by giving something for charity” and I appeal to all of you to come forward to help the needy & poor within your reach.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

Jai Hind 

Ashok Kumar Panda
Founder Message